• C.A. Gaurav Singhvi

    “CA Arvind Kothari is a wonderful person and his company is really doing very detailed Equity Research and the only Equity Research company of South Gujarat, he is a very active member of BNI Surat and incoming president of BNI Champion, an active participant of upcoming BNI BBC SURAT conclave also.”
  • Kapil Bagdi

    “These are trustworthy people who helped me to understand diversification and made me invest in businesses apart from textiles. It is a place where amount didn’t matter but goals did.”
  • Neerja Mohata

    “This team made us realize the importance of liquid funds. Their advice was handy to generate 7% plus returns over money which was sitting idle in cash. This also helped in better management of salary income.”
  • Anish Goyal

    “I was a first time investor in stock market and had lot of apprehensions. When I started, there were many market shattering events like Demonetization and Trump Win but Arvind and his team’s detailed research gave me confidence and I increased my investment in companies that were being benefitted by these changes. The result is I am making a return of close to 20-25 % every time, I invested in the market fall while the stock market is still at same point from where I started investing”.
  • Santosh Bhatted

    “I had a wonderful experience investing with Niveshaay. They have a very good research team and after a lot of hard work, they were able to get gems from companies like Rain Industries Ltd. and Time Technoplast Ltd. I am very hopeful and confident on their working team and planning to invest more in future”.
  • C.A. Jagdish Mohta

    “I had been using the PMS services of Veterans such as MotilalOswal. I never believed the words of this 30 year old chap until when since past 3-4 years these guys have been beating the returns of veterans. By a huge margin they really have a fresh approach and I could plan my daugter’s marriage due to their returns.”

An Intro to Niveshaay

Niveshaay is a Boutique Investment Firm with a Dedicated Research Team. Our Expertise is that we link the Macro-Economic Data to the Business Model of Mid- Cap Companies.