Wealth Advisory

We do Model based Financial Planning for Corporates, Individuals, Businessmen and Professionals.

We provide end to end wealth advisory by following methodical approach and by analyzing all the relevant factors such as client’s age, financial goals, risk profile, time horizon, etc.

We design a customized financial plan backed by our in-depth research for all our clients based on their requirements and then accordingly decide whether investment should be in lump sum or in small tranches directly in equities.

Our Approach has the power to double portfolios over a long period of time.

Comparison between trading with brokers and investing with us

A transaction involves various charges such as brokerage charge. Transaction charge, service tax, stamp duty, etc.

  • If you opt for trading with the brokers then, Let’s say your investment is 1,00,000
  • Thus 1,00,000×0.31% = 310 and 310×14.4% = 44.64 (service tax)
  • The total cost you pay when you buy a security of 1,00,000 is 354.64
  • 354.64 will be charged when you sell the security.
  • So one time shuffling cost will be 709.2 which is 0.71% of 1,00,000

Let’s say if in a year you shuffle your securities 10 times atleast. So your trading cost will come up to 7.1% of 1,00,000 which is 7100.

Assuming that your investment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%. But after considering the above charges, the return in hand remains 20-7.1% which is 13%.

With professional service, you will be paying 3% as charges and your CAGR will be 20-3% i.e 17% which is 4% higher than the trading done with brokers.

No. of Shuffles Charge(as % of your investment)
10 7.1
20 14.2
30 21.3
40 28.4
50 35.5

Mutual Funds & SIP Advisory

We have developed models which include:

  • Studying the past history and background of the fund manager.
  • Sectoral allocation of funds, expense ratios and other important parameters and providing the clients with a minimum of appropriate funds with optimum asset allocation to suit their needs.

Age Profiling

  • The risk bearing capacity and holding period of investments differ with age group, profession, psychology, family history of a person.
  • The general idea of asset allocation is that an individual near retirement will be risk averse than an individual who is far away from retirement

Goal Oriented Portfolios

We map your investments to accomplish your financial goals.

Specialized Portfolio is constructed for clients according to short term and long term goals.

Long term goals include fixed income after retirement or creating a lump sum wealth which is probably 16 times in 20-25 years of your initial investment.

Short term goals include going for a vacation in the next 3-4 years or buying a vehicle (with your own money/savings)

Concept Portfolios

  • We tailor your portfolio that fits your needs, abilities and financial goals.
  • A business usually has these risks:
    • a. Raw Material risk
    • b. Financial risk
    • c. Insurance risk
    • d. Transportation risk

    • For example: In a business where the transport cost is a major operating cost, rise in the logistics cost (transportation cost) will affect the profit margins.
      • i. So it may be preferred to invest in logistics companies as in an increase in a transportation cost will boost the company’s profitability.
      • ii. Thus the fall in profit margin of the business (due to increase in the transportation cost) can be covered by the rise in the share price of the logistics company.
      • iii. This will provide a natural hedge in case of any unforeseen events/situations.
    • Another example can be that the majority of textile industry is dependent on crude oil for their raw material. So if a business has invested in oil exploration companies and the prices of crude goes up then it will have two effects :
      • 1. The profit margins will shrink due to increase in raw material cost.
      • 2. This loss would be offset by increase in share prices of the oil exploration company.
    • So this way, natural hedges can be provided for any businesses.

Research Reports

Our team consists of CAs and CFAs who are into research of companies for more than 5 years now. Also having worked and learned under top research firms in Mumbai- the financial capital of India, we have tie-ups with some of these research firms.

Coming together for the first time in our city, we provide personalized reports, presentations to individuals and brokerage houses.

We also provide quarterly updates of our research reports, even monthly as per the requirements of the client or of the events taking place.

To view a few sample research reports prepared by our analysts

  • Jamna Auto Industries
  • Hikal Report
  • Omkar Report
  • MPS Report