About Us

Our Founder Director

Arvind Kothari

Co-founder of Niveshaay [ B.Com, CA, CWA, CFA (U.S.) ]
Former Industry Research Analyst at ICICI Bank
An avid follower of economic policies, both micro and macro trends that shapes businesses and has set up a Research and Investment Advisory which provides model based investment planning solutions. He thinks that Indians should invest atleast 10% of their savings in the Capital Market which is currently only 2%. He has conducted sessions on Economics at various institutes in Surat, Mumbai and Pune. He has an innovative approach towards finance and also is impeccable with number crunching.

From the Director’s Desk

''We see that today's youth and corporate professionals earn a handsome salary but lack skills in managing their funds and identifying best investment avenues suited to them. We have a long term vision of imparting Financial Education to individuals to enable them to make informed and effective decision with all the financial resources.''

Our Philosophy

"We believe academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. We strive to build financial literacy to help individuals confidently plan for and accomplish their goals today and also yields a lifetime of smart financial decision."

Our Focus

Our focus is on imparting basic financial knowledge, to enable an individual to understand
  • How money works in the world
  • How to manage their resources
  • How to invest the funds
  • How to plan for financial future
  • How to make informed and effective decisions with all the financial resources

“Academic qualification is important and so is financial education. They’re both important and schools are forgetting one of them.”

- Robert Kiyosaki